Oracle Application R12.0 New Features

Oracle Apps R12.0 New Features

  • Unified APPL_TOP in Oracle Applications R12
  • Unified APPL_TOP in Oracle Applications R12 which is different from Separate APPL_TOP in Oracle Applications 11i.
  • Unified APPL_TOP make more sense if you are using multi node Oracle Applications R12.
  • In Oracle Applications 11i , in multi node installation each APPL_TOP have its different name and files in each APPL_TOP will depend on type of Node (i.e. Forms Node will have fmx or forms related files where as APPL_TOP belonging to CM only node will have .rdf or files required to run CM node)
  • Starting from R12, it will use Unified APPL_TOP which means all files required for all middle tier services are included in all nodes of Multi Node installation (irrespective of services running on that node)
  • Cloning of multi node Oracle Application install, only one copy (any one APPL_TOP) of Application Node files need to copied to target instance.
  • Cloning of Multi Node to Single Node you don’t have to merge APPL_TOP in R12 as required in 11i
  • Services start/stop If you are using sh to start services on a node then it will start services which were configured to start during install on that node (You can still start a specific service even though it was not suppose to configure/start by calling startup script of that specific services).
  • Rapid install
  • Store Base Configuration in Database
  • No need to copy txt
  • Multiple Domain Support for Database and Middle Tier
  • Rapid Install supports deploying the database node and the middle tier node into different domains.
  • Shared File System Support
  • Rapid install allows you to select if app servers are using shared APPL_TOP
  • No hardcode apps password on Unix file system
  • FNDCPASS Utility New Feature: Enhance Security With Non-Reversible Hash Password (enhance FND_USER password security)
  • Improved Forgot password feature
  • –Retrieve user_name and password
  • –no workflow inbound process needed
  • New environment variables e.g. FORMS_TRACE_DIR,
  • FORMS_ environment variables replace FORMS60_ delivers native runtime executables for Forms (frmweb) (11i: frmwebx)
  • Forms Trace in addition to Forms Runtime Diagnostics (FRD) record both built-in Forms data and performance data in a single output (profile: Forms Runtime Parameters)
  • Reports Only available through Concurrent Manager
  • Reports Server is not used
  • Reports executable rwrun is used directly

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