Oracle Application Cloning

Oracle Application R12 Cloning – Single to Multimode Conversion:

We will be cloning our single node ERP instance “PROD” to 2-node Oracle ERP Application, as one node for Database Server and Second node is for Application Tier. i.e., all application services will be running on Application Node and Database will be running in separate DB node.

Our Source Database Node is PROD and Target database node is DEV. The TARGET directory structure of both the node is same as Source that is /d01/oracle.

Target Nodes : DB Tier ( & Application Tier (

Cloning steps:

I. Prerequisites:

1. Both Source and Target systems have to have same Application components Version and Operating system
2. Login as Application files user & run the environment file

            $ su – applmgr
            $ cd /d01/oracle/PROD/apps/apps_st/appl
            $ source APPSPROD_erp.env

3. Check the following Software Components

         a) Perl Version (It should be 5.005)
            $ perl -v

(Confirm that Perl is included in Path by check $ echo $PATH)

         b) JRE & JDK version ( It should be at least 1.1.8 & 1.3.1 or above)
            $ java -version
         c) Zip Version (It should be at least 2.3 and Above)
            $ zip

4. Recommended to apply the latest AD Minipack & the latest AutoConfig Template patch as mentioned in the metal ink note 230672.1

5. We must check whether latest Rapid Clone patch is applied or not, to find, query the database whether latest Rapid Clone patch and other prerequisite patches are applied as per Metal ink Note 230672.1

Connect to database

            SQL > select * from AD_BUGS where bug_number=’&patch number’;

If it shows ”no rows selected ” that means you need to apply the patch. Do ensure that you applied all the pre requisites patches.

6. If the system is enabled with autoconfig, then configure the application tier by running the script as follows

            $ cd $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME
            $. . /

If the system is not autoconfig enabled, then setup the autoconfig on application tier with the help of metalink Note 165195.1 ( Migrating to AutoConfig on the Applications Tier).

To check whether your system is AutoConfig enable or not , open any configuration file, if you see the text “This file is automatically generated by AutoConfig….”at the top, this mean your system is autoconfig enabled. Also all the applications after 11.5.7 are autoconfig enabled.

7. Login to database tier and set the environment.

            $ su – oracle
            $ cd /d01/oracle/PROD/db/tech_st/10.2.0
            $. ./PROD_erp.env

II. Prepare Source System

· Prepare the Source System Database Tier for Cloning
Log on to the Source System as the ORACLE user and run the following commands:

            $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/scripts/PROD_erp
            $ perl dbTier

· Prepare the Source System Application Tier for Cloning

Log on to the Source System as the APPLMGR user and run the following commands:

            $ cd $ADMIN_SCRPTS_HOME
            $ perl appsTier

III. Moving files from Source to Target System

· Copy the Application Tier file System to Target Application Tier Node as shown below
Log on to the source system application tier nodes as the APPLMGR user.

Shutdown the application tier server processes as shown below

            $ cd $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME
            $ ./ apps/apps

Copy the following application tier directories from the source node to the target application tier node:

            $ cd /d01/oracle/PROD/apps/apps_st/

Directories to be copied : appl, comn

            $ cd /d01/oracle/PROD/apps/tech_st

Directories to be copied : 10.1.2, 10.1.3

            $ scp –pr /d01/oracle/PROD/apps/apps_st/appl applmgr@
            $scp –pr /d01/oracle/PROD/apps/apps_st/comn applmgr@

scp –pr /d01/oracle/PROD/apps/tech_st applmgr@

Note: Please check the ownership of copied files to target system

· Copy the database tier file system to target database tier node as shown below
Log on to the source system database Tier as the ORACLE user.
Perform a normal shutdown of the source system database

            $ cd $RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/scripts/PROD_erp
            $ ./ stop

Copy the following Database tier directories from the source node to the target application tier node:
scp –pr d01/oracle/PROD/db/tech_st/10.2.0 oracle@
scp –pr /d01/oracle/PROD/db/apps_st/data oracle@

Note : Check the ownership of all copied files in Target system(
Startup Source Database & Application System services.

IV. Configure Target Systems

Operating System of Target systems should have same as Source, ensure to have all prerequisite packages required for Oracle R12 before configuring the Target System. Execute the following commands to configure the target system. You will be prompted for the target system specific values (SID, Paths, Ports, etc)

· Configure the target system database server
Logon to Target DB Tier (

            $ su – oracle
            $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/clone/bin
            $ perl Tier

· Configure the target system Application Tier (
Logon to Target Application Tier (

            $ su – applmgr
            $cd $COMMON_TOP/clone/bin
            $ perl appsTier

All enabled services for this node are started.
Existing with status 0

V. Post Clone Task

· Profile Option Name Changes at Site Level after Cloning
Site Name-> PROD, Change it to DEV

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