Oracle 12c Weblogic New Features

Dynamic Cluster Support:

Makes use of the dynamic cluster for a highly scalable systems, high availability environment.  Dynamic cluster allows the managed servers to be automatically added based on a server template.

Support with Oracle Database 12c.

Now fully supports Oracle Database 12c including support for the new database’s advanced features such as application continuity and multi-tenancy. Application continuity allows an application to continue running even when the database is down.

JMS enhancements:

Administration for JMS has been streamlined and the new JMS can speed data rates on Oracle Exalogic by up to three times (according to Oracle).This provides high availability eliminating the need to configure many JMS resources for every single server.

WebSocket support.

The WebSockets communication model occurs in real-time and promotes user interaction. Supports HTML 5 and Web Sockets along with new support for JSON-REST services with two types of input and output formats: XML and JSON.

New developer tools

As well as the release of 12.1.2 there have been updated releases of Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, and Oracle Application Development Framework.  These new updates include support for the Oracle 12c database, improved support for mobile applications and more tools for working with the REST protocol.

So, overall a nice set of new features with Oracle clearly showing their focus towards the cloud and towards integrating all of the 12c product set.

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