Oracle 11gR2 RAC Features

Oracle 11gR2 version has significant improvements over Oracle 10g version by providing a series of specific capabilities and product enhancements targeted for consolidation, migration of databases to lower the costs of Database management. In addition, Oracle 11gR2 continues to add features and capabilities that extends existing investment in mission-critical infrastructure . Oracle 11gR2 has been designed with focus on certain key development areas. These areas are:
Business Intelligence and Data warehousing
Automatic Storage Management

CRS_HOME and ASM_HOME are combined with GRID_HOME now

Agent Development Framework
Out-of-Place Oracle Cluster ware Upgrade
Cluster Time Service
Enhanced Cluster Verification Utility.
Enterprise Manager Provisioning for Oracle Cluster ware and Oracle Real Application Clusters
Enterprise Manager Support for Grid Plug and Play.
Enterprise Manager Support for Oracle Restart.
Enterprise Manager-Based Cluster ware Resource Management.
Grid Plug and Play (GPnP).
Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) Enhancements.
Faster relocation of services on node failure.
Oracle Cluster ware now supports up to 5 copies of the OCR for improved availability of the cluster.
OCR can now be stored in Automatic Storage Management
Oracle Restart Integration with Oracle Universal Installer.
Oracle Universal Installer Support for Removing Oracle RAC Installations.
OUI Support for Out-of-Place Oracle Cluster ware Upgrade.
Patch Application with DB Control.
Server Control (SRVCTL) Enhancements.
Server Control (SRVCTL) Enhancements to Support Grid Plug and Play.
SRVCTL Support for Single-Instance Database in a Cluster.

Performance improvements
RAC – 70% faster (ADDM has a better global view of the RAC cluster
New In-Memory Database Cache, Data cached in application memory, fast and consistent response times and a standard SQL interface.
Result caches – new memory areas in the SGA for storing SQL query results, PL/SQL function results and OCI call results.
Invisible indexes – indexes that are ignored by the optimizer. Handy for testing without dropping.
Stored Outlines Migration for SQL Plan Management
Support for 4 KB Sector Disk Drives

Availability improvements
Ability to apply many patches on-line without downtime (RAC and single instance databases).
Data recovery advisor – quickly identify the root cause of failures; auto fix or present recovery options to the DBA.
ASM Preferred Mirror Read/ Faster Mirror Resync.
XA transactions spanning multiple servers.
Improved runtime connection load balancing.
Flashback Transaction/ Oracle Total Recall.
Automatic Block Repair
Backup to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Using OSB Cloud Computing
DUPLICATE Without Connection to Target Database.
Enhanced Tablespace Point-In-Time Recovery (TSPITR)
New DUPLICATE Options:

Security improvements
Support for case sensitive and multi-byte passwords
Transparent Data Encryption (support for table space level encryption).
Hardware based master key protection.
Encrypt backups.
Kerberos authentication – strong passwords.
Add Multi-factor DBA controls with Data Vault.

Manageability improvements
New MEMORY_TARGET parameter for Automatic memory tuning.
Enterprise Manager Support Workbench for ASM.
New Gateway Support
EMCA Supports New Oracle RAC Configuration for EM.
Automatic Patching of Time Stamp with Time Zone Data.
Prevent Data Loss for Time Zone with Local Time Zone Data Type
Enterprise Manager Integration with ASM Optimal Disk Placement
Enterprise Manager Support for ASM Cluster File System (ACFS).

ASM – 11GR2 Automatic Storage Management
ASM Cluster File System (ACFS)
ASM Dynamic Volume Manager (DVM)
ASM FS Snapshot
Enterprise Manager Integration for ASM File Access Control.
Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) and Voting Disk on ASM
ASM Optimal Disk Placement (ODP)
ASMCMD Command Extensions
Automatic Storage Management (ASM) File Access Control
Fast mirror resync after temporary connectivity lost

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