Oracle 11g Datagurad Configuration

  • Install the database software only on primary and standby node
  • Configure the network on the both node
  • On primary node create the database
  • 1234567891011121314151617181920
  • Configure the listener and database services in the primary node named it your primary database name


  • Restart the listener using the command lsnrctl stop,lsnrctl start


  • Do the following steps in the primary node
  • set the following parameter in the primary node
  • Check the database in archive log mode if not in that mode enable the archive log

28  2930313233

  • backup the database using the rman command


  • copy the database password file from  primary to standby database node
  • Rename the copied database password file in standby node
  • Create the parameter file using the below command in standby node

3536 3738

  • rename the password file


  • Start the standby database with nomount mode in standby node


  • Add the listener and database services in standby node named it your standby database name


  • Restart the listener (stop and start) on the standby node


  • Add the primary standby database name in the service name on primary node and standby node
  • This example shows only adding on primary and  do the same steps on the standby node


  • Restart the listener  on primary node and standby node also


  • Create the directories for the standby database on standby node
  • Backup the database using the rman command


  • After completion of the backup create the script like given bellow


  • On the primary node connect target and auxiliary database and it connected                   successfully run the script


  • In primary node give the bellow command to generate the log


  • Check the database status on the standby node


  • In standby node check if the logs are applied here logs are not applied


  • Give the bellow command to apply the log on the standby database
  • Once the command is executed log are automatically shipped to standby node


  • This steps are used to configure the dataguard
  • Set dg_broker_start value true on both node follow the steps


  • Add the database services on the both nodes
  • Named it given bellow
  • Restart the listener on both node


  • In standby node set the parrameter local_listener=stydata


  • In the primary node create the dataguard configuration
  • Enable the dataguard configuration
  • Do the switchover process


  • Check the standby node database status after the switch over process

           The standby node database will be opened and primary node database

           Will be in mounted



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