MS SQL Overview

SQL Server is a platform with a rich history of innovation achieved for developing business applications that are data focused. It is an integrated and enterprise-ready platform for data management that offers a low total cost of ownership .

SQL Server is much more than a relational database management system, which provides a very secure, robust, and stable database management system. It is used to manage organizational data and provide analysis and insights into that data .It has been available for many years, yet it is rapidly evolving new capabilities and features for the developer.

SQL Server is constructed from series of many small components that work together. Three general categories of components that exists within database engine and are structured as layers:

· Query Execution Layer:

Parses and optimizes the queries, manages the caching and execution of query plans.

· Storage Engine Layer:

Manages buffer pages , I/O to the physical files, locking, and transaction.

· SQL OS Layer:

Provides an abstraction layer over common OS functions, providing task and memory management.


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