GoldenGate Veridata

  • Is a high-speed data comparison solution. Delta processing, comparing only changed data, is available for Enscribe and SQL/MP
  • Does not interrupt business processes.
  • Works while both data sources are online.
  • Supports large volumes of data and heterogeneous application structures.
  • Allows unattended execution.
  • Accounts for data that is being replicated during comparisons.

 Veridata Architecture

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GoldenGate Veridata Server

Performs the following functions:

  • Coordinate the execution of GoldenGate Veridata tasks
  • Sort rows (optional)
  • Compare data
  • Confirm out-of-sync data
  • Produce a report for review

Apache Tomcat Web Server

Provides browser-based access to the GoldenGate Veridata Server.

Apache Tomcat Web Server Administration Tool

Allows an administrator you to manage users and resources, like data sources, for the GoldenGate Veridata Server.

GoldenGate Veridata Web

Provides a browser-based graphical user interface to:

  • Configure comparison objects and rules
  • Initiate comparisons
  • Review the status and output of comparisons
  • Review out-of-sync data

GoldenGate Veridata Repository

A collection of database objects that persists configuration information to disk, saving it permanently as a user environment. The repository can reside on an Oracle, SQL Server or MySQL database.

GoldenGate Veridata Agent

Executes the following database-related requests on behalf of the GoldenGate Veridata Server:

  • Fetch and return blocks of rows to compare
  • Return column-level detail for out-of-sync rows

GoldenGate provides a Java-based agent for Oracle, SQL Server and Teradata databases, and also provides a C-based agent for Oracle, Enscribe and NonStop SQL databases.

GoldenGate Veridata Command Line Interface (CLI)

GoldenGate Veridata includes a command line client to GoldenGate Veridata Server. The program name is vericom. This interface enables you to run comparisons, specify overrides, and stop GoldenGate Veridata Server by using automated programs. Configuration and monitoring functions must be performed through GoldenGate Veridata Web.


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