GoldenGate 12c New Features

Oracle :

  • Installation from Oracle Universal Installer
  • Improved performance of integrated capture
  • Integrated Replicat
  • Capture and apply to multitenant container database
  • Three-part object names
  • Native DDL Capture
  • Enhanced Character set conversion
  • Remote task data type support – Remote task now supports all oracle data type, including BLOB,CLOB, NCLOB,LONG,UDT, and XML


  • MySQL 5.6 is now supported
  • MySQL NDB Cluster 7.1,7.2 and 7.3 are supported


  • SYBASE 15.7 is supported
  • The UNITEXT datatype is now supported

SQL Server :

Compressed Backups are now supported

All Platforms

  • Coordinated Replicat
  • Security enhancement
    • Credential Store
    • Wallet and Master key
  • Character set conversion enhancements
  • Enhanced timezone conversion
  • Enhanced SHOWSYNTAX
  • Owner and catalog/container wildcarding
  • Automatic discard file creation
  • CSN-based transaction filtering

Command Changes and Additions

Trandata Commands – ADD SCHEMA TRANDATA and ADD TRANDATA have been enhanced to support integrated Replicat for Oracle

Integrated Replicat Commands – ADD REPLICAT now has an INTEGRATED option to create the Replicat group in integrated mode (for Oracle)

Coordinated Replicat Commands

Wallet Commands

Credential Store Commands

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