Adding Targets in 12c OEM

Setup A New Database Target On Oracle EM 12c Cloud Control

  • Install the Linux OS of the database to be monitored.(see the Linux installation steps)
  • Install the Oracle database to be monitored.(see the database installation steps)

The first step is to create the user on the target OS of the target database and run the following commands (As root)

[root@lab ~]# useradd -g oinstall emc12

[root@lab ~]# passwd emc12

Changing password for user emc12.

New UNIX password:.

retype new UNIX password:

passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.

[root@lab ~]# mkdir -p /u02/app/emc12/emagent

[root@lab ~]# chown -R emc12:oinstall /u02/app/emc12

Now that the user is created, let’s set the .bash_profile for the emc12 user

[root@lab ~]#vi /home/emc12/.bash_profile

### Add the following lines at the end of emc12 profile

umask 027

export ORACLE_HOME=/u02/app/emc12/emagent/core/


Add the hostname and ip address on hosts add the source and target both ip address and hostname

[root@lab ~]#vi /etc/hosts

#EMC 12C oracle lab

 Now, log into the instance unlock and change DBSNMP password. Put a random long password,

 sql>alter user DBSNMP identified by foxpro_pox account unlock;

Now that the OS and DB is ready to be monitored, we open the EM 12c and add the host.

Log into the EM with the SYSMAN or a user who has administrator permission. Go to “Setup >Add Target >Add TargetsManually.” Click the “Add Host …”. 




Click the add give the target ip address and platform


  • Installation base directory means give the target database emagent directory


  • No need to give the instance directory once you entered in the base directory automatically it assigned
  • In the named credential click the plus symbol


  • Give the target username(emc12),password
  • Click ok



  • Select the created named credential and click Next



  • View the summary and click the deploy agent



  • It shown the warning in the Remote prerequisite steps
  • In the step click continue select  the all the host(ignore the warning)  



  • run the script on the target system
  • click done agent deployed. Let’s now add the target database


  • click done agent deployed



  • Let’s now add the target database


  • Select the search list and click the add button


  • Click the search button and select the added host target database ip address and click continue



  • In this step click the configure
  • Give the monitor database username and password
  • Test the connection if succeeded press ok button




  • Finalize step click the finish button
  • Finally click the save button and the database added successfully



  • Now you can monitor your database. Go on the “Targets >Databases”, open your body and monitor your database.


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